Please fix your servers already

Technical Support
I like this game, but I'm getting a little tired of arena losses due to you randomly disconnecting me from the game. It's happening too often in the last few days, and it's only happening in your game, so the problem is not on my side.
Wow! You managed to blow my mind again! I entered arena, drafted a deck, clicked play and got disconnected. When I logged back in I'm 0-1. Brilliant job, twice in two hours.

And I'm also ever so thankful for no replies to mine or other similar topics.
Does your internet goes down with the game? Or you just get disconnected from the game?

Check my thread and see if its the same issue.
Its called closed beta for a REASON. So the developers can find the bugs and fix them before release...if you dont like it, simply wait till the game comes out to play.

Be greatful you're playing/have played already, some people are still dying for a beta key...

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