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I tried renaming a custom deck to "Murlock >.<" (without quotes) and it initially appears to have reset it allowing you to type deck name again. I went all the way back to the main menu that has Play, Practice & The Arena, and now I can't access Play or Practice. The loading animation just runs forever.

Even if it does open, all the custom decks that were listed below the custom deck that has special characters is renamed "Deckname 1" and are not accessible, including the custom deck with special characters itself. Only the custom deck that was above the bugged deck name was usable.[/ul]

This problem does not affect access to The Arena, Store and Quest Log. Please help me reset that deckname so I can play.

Here's a screenie of what I see when it does go through... please note that only the deck "Beatdown" can be chosen and played - the others don't do anything.

* also posted in Bug Report forum.
game is pretty much unplayable to me right now except for arena :(
Thanks for the bug report!

This issue is a known bug and has been added to the known bugs list, a restart of the client will fix it for you!

Blizzard identify these are common bugs and are working on fixes for them.

You can see the full list of known bugs here:

Also in the future please try and report bugs on the bug report forums found here:
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