Game shuts down my internet

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As seen in other threads, this is a general issue, the game seems to shut down our internet for 20 seconds, making it impossible to play:

Been playing for a week almost and so far I haven't been able to play the game properly. Every 10 minutes or so the game closes saying my connection was lost. I check my router and everything is fine, my wireless on my computer flashes for about 5 seconds and comes back.
This issue never happened to me before, I've had this provider for 3 years now and I never had any problems like that.
Things I've done so far trying to solve it:
- Turned off computer/router for 60 sec
- Connected my computer using LAN cable
- Re-instaled game
- Searched on forums/Reddit and did everything I saw there...
- Contacted blizzard support, they told me to post it here, posted here twice about my issue (zero replies)

The weird thing is that I tested playing other games (LoL, minecraft quakelive, tf2) and they work just fine. The second I open hearthstone I start having connection issues.
Even though I lost 2 arena runs because of not being able to finish a game, I understand the game is a beta and I'm in no way upset or frustrated.
I just want people to know this problem exist and maybe find someone that could help me out.

PS: I just remembered I forgot to say that this only happens if I'm actually playing, I've spent more than 1 hour straight in game reading the flavor text on every card and didn't get a dc. But as soon as I start a match... :(

PS2: Ok I just played some games for test and the results are:
I NEVER get disconnected from playing AI or any other games (LoL, minecraft, quakelive, faeria and TF2)
95% from happening at normal plays
95% at arenas.
I see mods answering every thread but this one, I just want a "we are looking at this issue" or anything like that.
Yeah, I'm glad it just not me. Indeed this bug needs to be fix!
Same thing has been happening to me repeatedly.

I play on Haswell Macbook Pro 13" with Iris Graphics.

The game disconnects and then I have trouble with the rest of my internet for a while. However, it is only triggered by playing this game. I can do anything else on the internet and it won't cause the problem.

Happens in practice games and in real games. Happens about 50% of the games end in disconnect.
This is a very strange issue. I do get this every now and then (probably at least once a day) where I will be disconnected from Battle.NET and kicked from the game, I do not have this issue with any other game that I play. As mentioned by the OP, this has only ever occurred during active play against a human opponent and not during deck construction or other play. I don't normally play for more than a few hours at a time so I suppose if I was playing for an extended period it would be a lot more frequent?
add me to the list... I sadly cant play this shet.
Same here. Game randomly disconnects and then my isp is down for a few seconds. Can log back in after. I can play diablo 3 for hours without a problem it is just hearthstone.

Makes Arena extremely frustrating, especially as there is no timer like in starcraft 2 which gives someone the opportunity to come back within a reasonable timespan.
Same thing just started happening to me yesterday. Internet will be fine but soon after I start a match in play mode I get an error saying I was disconnected
Yeah same thing they messed something up last patch for sure.
This is happening because the Blizzard launcher is using your PC and bandwidth to distribute the patch update to other players. If you open your Resource Monitor, you will see the TCP activity of Agent.exe doing exactly this. It uses so much bandwidth that the connection gets dropped. The same thing has been happening to me since the patch, and I made a thread here about it:
I did not agree to this p2p bandwidth hog. This thing has downloaded / uploaded gigabytes of data in the past few days, eating up my monthly bandwidth allowance and slowing my internet to a crawl. I complained to my ISP about latency issues, and we traced it back to agent.exe.

I am wondering what's going to happen when in 1 week my monthly data of 120 GB is used up, and agent.exe continues to upload without my knowledge nor consent. It would cost me $2 per GB, and I would have 1 week remaining on my monthly allowance. Seeing as how this sucked up 4 GB in about 4 days, that would mean Blizzard has, again without my consent, used up 7GB (rounded down) of traffic @ $2 per GB. How would you like to pay me Blizzard? credit or debit card? Thanks.

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