Cant play with my warlock's custom deck

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Every time I try to do so it pops up an error "There was an error starting your game. please wait a few minutes and try again". Neither play mode or practice work for me. Other heroes works perfect though. I think it may be the problem of a certain card or something..
Having the same issue. There is a big red x over the portrait when I go to play mode.
Could you try deleting all the cads in the deck you're using and then recreate it?

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Tried that couple times. Now i can't play my mage either???
Seems like some cards are being duplicated in my deck. Resulting in deck having too many cards. I've fixed my lock and mage deck many times and still can't play either custom deck. Problem happens when i sign out and return later to my decks being messed up.
same problem has been happening to me since yesterday. i have a quest to play as a rogue and now it won't let me use the rogue deck. when i am in play mode the rogue deck has a red X and is unable to be selected. if the red X dissapears when i try to click play it gives me an error message and i am unable to play using the rogue deck.

seems like its a known issue? any work arounds to try?
If you destroyed a card in that deck for blue crystals, then you no longer have every card in the deck. that is why you have a red x on that created deck when you go to play it.
I have destroyed no cards for blue crystals ever. and I cannot use a custom warlock deck. I've tried 10 times, deleted, retried, used different card combinations. No luck =( I'm sure they're working on it.
actually I just had to restart hearthstone and that fixed it! lol my bad.
**EDIT** - Deck is working now. /headscratch

I just started playing again after an 8 month hiatus and cannot play my custom warlock deck.

I can't figure out what is wrong:

Mortal Coil x2
Soulfire x2
Argent Squire x2
Flame Imp x2
Leper Gnome x2
Shieldbearer x2
Voidwalker x2
Dire Wolf Alpha x2
Haunted Creeper x2
Knife Juggler x2
Nerubian Egg x2
Shattered Sun Cleric x2
Dark Iron Dwarf
Defender of Argus
Argent Commander

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