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I was playing an Arena game as Shaman, turn 6 I played a totem and the hero power locked up and mana was used but no card appeared on the board. I then tried to play another card but it said I couldn't do that yet - despite having sufficient mana, I tried to attack with my minion and it said the same thing.

My turn ran out without me having played a card, yet my opponent continued on with their turn. When my next turn came around I tried to play a card, but my opponent's card hit me mid-turn and killed me, ending the game.
The same just happened to me. I could not play any cards.. My opponent continued as normal. At the end of the game i saw


Game completed and recorded! Restart Hearthstone to continue.

Sigh @ arena loss.
Please check thread dates before posting in them. :(

You disconnected and did not automatically reconnect. Whenever a turn passes the normal 90 seconds of a turn, if things are still stuck, I'd recommend you try and force-quit Hearthstone and restart as quickly as you can to force the reconnection feature to try again.

Older post on losing connectivity to the game server, but not your opponent -

If this happens 'frequently' I'd recommend you look at my post in the common solutions thread, as well as the connectivity sticky.

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