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Hello everyone, so I was lucky enough to get 3 keys from Blizzard (bad system if you ask me), and I'm giving one away. Personally, after playing this game for a month+ I just uninstalled it. Faced a priest with 5 mind controls in arena => quit => uninstall. But enough about that!

In order to get my key you have to think of a good way to nerf priests, on behalf of my inner rage.
The best (game wise) OR most creative suggestion will be chosen here on this thread @ 7/11/2013 @ 19:00 GMT

Let the suggestions begin!

EDIT: I read all of the suggestions, glad to see there are many participants! Keep it up.
Few things to clarify:

A) Yes, I'm aware you can't use a key you've already redeemed. Infact, my own key is from PC Gamer. I got 3 keys from Blizzard by mail and gave 2 to my friends leaving me with 1 more.

B) Dear onadar7, No I don't reply under alternative accounts, and mind you I've got just above 300 games in total, I feel I know how to play.

C) In that specific priest game I literally held back every high cost card I had just because I knew he'll mind control it. I used my first one when I still had 30 hp and he had 10 just because I had to, in order to deal with his cards, and as I said.. he didn't have 1 or 2 mind controls but, ye.

E) Tomorrow I shall announce the winner! :)
Dimnishing returns in this game, just like WoW
What they should do is give everyone a card that says "before you enter the game, you exempt all priest candidates that you face." You're able to use this before any match starts.

I assure you, you wont be missed.
Make mind control temporary... just like in WoW. One turn perhaps.
Subject Mind Control to the same disadvantage as in WoW - the priest has to concentrate on MC.

What would this mean in Hearthstone? Add this text to MC: "If you play any card or use your hero power, the minion returns to its original owner.“
I think making Mind Control into a... I forget the term for it, but should you silence the minion that is MC'd it should return to your control. Give it some kind of counterplay.
11/04/2013 02:47 PMPosted by onadar7
I assure you, you wont be missed.

I miss him, you're wrong.

Owned. GG. You got served.
Mental Control the enemy minion only for two turns or one turn with charge...

or maybe make that you can "silence" mental control and take your minion in return.

Pain and Death are tough too, maybe change the mana cost.... or the range of attack in creatures they can kill...
I think the main issue with priests is they have all the tools to stall a match out until they draw into their MCs and are able to turn the match around with minions that aren't even theirs. Giving MC a direct form of counterplay, such as silencing the MC'd minion and regaining control of it, or making it a limited duration spell, etc, would force the priest to be more pro-active rather than re-active.
Some nice ones so far but don't only suggest mind control changes because I've been owned by it!
Put the Age of Conan developers in charge of balancing Priest. Guaranteed to be garbage after that.
Northshire Cleric also offers far too much card economy in a priest deck as well. Perhaps limiting the draw effect to once per turn or every other turn would dramatically reduce their ability to stall out the match.
Well, I don't have any particular beef with Priests, but I would like a key for my son, so:

Any Priest card that steals, copies, or destroys another player's card also destroys 1, 2 or 3 of the Priest's mana crystals, depending on the mana-cost of the card in question. Channeling the power of the Gods exacts a toll.
You could either make mind control a temp card that lasts 1-3 turns or take away a couple of other cards that can buff a lot.
Mind control can only take control of a minion with 5 attack or less (noone tells rag what to do!). While the minion is under your control you may only play 2 cards on your turn (in wow you had to channel the ability ^^) and make it a rare card hehe.
Take away priest ability to say "Well played" and when they lose have rag pop up and drop a deuce on them. Their portrait should be replaced with a shiny troll face.

Increase the mana cost of northshire cleric to 2. 1 is too cheap. That'll show the priests!

Gluck everyone for the draw. This game does look amazing and I can't wait to start playing. I do hope I win but whoever gets the beta key, enjoy it on behalf of all of us.

I believe a good start would be to change the Northshire Cleric card's ability from "Whenever a minion is healed, draw a card." to "Whenever another friendly minion is healed, draw a card."
It seems like Mind Control is what makes the Priest class what it is, so how about this:

Mind Control, like how it was in WoW, doesn't last forever. I think having mind control last for only 1 turn, the same turn, is good. Yes they took that sweet 8 / 8 monster form you, but next turn it comes back to you. This means that when they control it, it'll have charge for the one turn..

Now, if I was a balance guy, I would first release it like this. IF after testing this has nerfed MC and priests too much, then I would implement this:

After the unit returns to its original owner, make it fatigued for that user's upcoming turn, as if it was just summoned. That was MC is still a powerhouse but for 2 turns.

I think this way, MC retains it's "Damn that's a nice 8 mana card :)" while not being "DAMN that's an 8 mana card??"

I think that's the balance right there!

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