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RUle 1: l2p
RUle 2: dont go to arena unless you have accomplished rule 1

l2p = know how all other classes organize their decks, what strategy they use, and good knowledge of all card

a person doesnt simply reach a L2P status so fast. its the closed beta. give it a year before youre ready to ahve fun in arena.
It's still in beta you tool.
Northshire Cleric - Whenever other minion is healed, draw a card.
Shadow Word: Pain - increase cost to 3 mana
Shadow Word: Death - increase cost to 4 mana + Destroy a minion with an Attack of 6 or more.
Mind Control - if the mind controlled minion is silenced, it returns to original owner

now I would need to test the shadow words nerf a bit more to determine, if it is not too much, but since I do not have a key..
11/04/2013 02:52 PMPosted by Wyrllish
I assure you, you wont be missed.

I miss him, you're wrong.

Owned. GG. You got served.

Stupid comeback. You only miss him if you're the op's troll account. Which is almost certainly the case. Which itself is really sad. For humanity's sake lock yourself in a dark room, never contact anyone, and remove yourself from the internet.
well, I need a beta key, but I must also be honest. I don't think priests are over powered. I think it was just a meta game shift.

They have shadow word death AND pain - yes, but their direct removal is on par with other classes, warlock and mage for example.

They have MC and they take all my good minions! - yes, but MC is easily countered with a removal spell.

They steal cards out of my deck and or hand! - yup, and they are the only class that can. Sure RNG can get them some cheap legs and win games but it's also RNG it could get them a 1/1 charge... I don't feel mind games or thought steal or any of those cards are OP, just unique.

They have NORTHSHIRE CLERIC!! - Again, don't put all your eggs in one basket. A slience, shadowbolt, removal spell, 3+ damage weapon. It's a powerful card, be ready for how you will face it.

In closing, I'd love a beta key, been opted in since the beginning and watching other people play this amazing game, but I don't feel priests are OP.

TL;DR gimme the key, use silence/direct damage on NS cleric and lightspawn, save removal for MC late game, and don't confuse luck for skill or OP.
I am already in Beta, but i would love to get a key so that my brother can play with me. Anyways i agree with you on priests. I think change mindcontrol to cost 6-7 and make it only last one turn.
Firstly, I think same cards in arena should be limited to 3 common and rare, 2 epic and 1 legendary cards.

Mc should be an epic card, more like a "signature move" if I might say.
I think the best fix for MC would be either silencing the MC'ed minion or lowering the target's stats by 2/1.

Northshire cleric should not draw cards, but instead heal 2 random friendly minions by 1 after your turn.

Swd should work more like it does on WoW
Usable only on damaged minion and deals 5 damage, if it kills the the target you draw a card

Suggestion for a new card:
Devouring plague - 4 mana
Deal 1 damage at the end of your turn, every turn to a minion and draw a card each time it ticks
---Should fix card draw issues the NC change could have brought
Simple way? Increase spell costs on some obvious favorite cards

Advanced way? Slowly increase the skill cap of the class so that nobody can actually play it affectingly and they are facerolled over

Fun way? No board clear, no MC, and no healing
I've watched some stream with people playing hearthstone but I haven't played it myself so i cant judge about priest :< but I am a huuuuuuuuuuuuge fan of cardgames. Pokémon (at school), yu-gi-oh (school + internet), stratego (not cards but hearthstone-ish), Star war galaxies, ... Huuuuuge fan of cardgames but I haven't played games so i will be one of the last getting one :<
But if i had the key I would play vs you with priest so you could screw me over and over again :D

I do have a fantastic quote about priests tho
“They like to use those fancy words. They don't like to say “raped,'” he said. “They say “misdeed,' “inappropriate touching,' “mistake.' That's insulting. I'm not a mistake.”
I would love to contribute with the thread but since i'm not in the beat can't give you a reasonable response about priests, so far what i've been able to see from streams and such, i guess you could put a cap in MC creatures or make the MC spell to return control after the next player's end of turn.
People need to stop complaining so much about Mind Control. Mind Control is good, but not impossible to balance/play around. I agree counter-play would be good though.

Priests just have the ability to do too much. They can take cards from your hand AND your deck. They can destroy minions under 3 attack AND above 5 attack. Their hero power can heal AND do damage (shadowform / soul priest). They should just remove some of these and make the gameplay more centric around healing and shielding.

-Mind vision could give allow you to view X number of cards in your opponent's hand and draw a card, instead of copy one.

- Power word shield for example shouldn't increase the max hp of a unit, it should do what it does in WoW and give the unit protection (armor). This would prevent a lot of the PWS / inner fire crap.
I think everyone agrees the biggest problem with priests is MC.

Maybe the priest should actually be focusing all his will on the target, making any other actions unavailable while the MC holds. He can then choose whether to release the MC or keep it active.

Or add a 2 turn counter for it, one for defending the enemy and one for attacking with it. After which the minion dies. Mana cost lowered to 7.
(also charge should not be usable right after you MC.)

SWD should be like execute, but with some kind of twist. More like WoW style.
Maybe like
Kill a damaged minion and summon a 2/2 ghost to your side.


Kill a damaged minion and receive 2 shadow orb cards (+1/+1 buff for 1 mana each)
You do realize that if you have already used your key, it's useless to anyone but yourself right? If you actually have a key to give away then fine, but otherwise this thread is somewhat pointless.

Also, not that I think this guy is smart to stop playing but don't insult him over his decision. At least he has not done what other players have done and insult the game and calling its followers idiots……..
Starting with MC, the card that seems to be the biggest issue, make it a risky play. For example, you can take control of a minion, but it destroys a random friendly minion in the process (and cannot be played if you have no minions out). Perhaps MC should remove all buffs when the priest takes over the minion.

Some other cards could use adjusting, too. Northshire Cleric is a really strong card to be played so early. Either make it cost more (2-3) or lower it's health to 2.

Cabal Shadow Priest, Mind Vision, Mindgames, Shadow Madness, Mind Control, Thoughtsteal; remove some of these. Priest has so many cards that steal minions or cards it seems to give them a huge advantage.

Disclaimer: I have a beta key, my SO on the other hand still hasn't gotten his and has been trying to win one for weeks (ETA: On Reddit, YouTube, etc. Not on these forums). He doesn't know I'm trying for him, too. :x
Hi Mufire
Can you send me a key? if its still available?
been waiting for 2 months but still no key...

My email is
11/04/2013 02:36 PMPosted by Mufire
Faced a priest with 5 mind controls in arena => quit => uninstall. But enough about that!

The game is still in beta.

- Mind control should change to rare. (due to arena)
- When your opponent use MC on your minion, move the minion to your opponent hand and decrease the cost by half. (so you would have 2 turn to prepare)
The best way to nerf the priest is to slightly weaken core some key cards that provide too much control.

  • Nerf shadow word pain by making it return to the players hand instead of destroying the card.
  • Change mind vision to take a card from the players deck instead of hand.
  • Change Mana Addict to +2 attack per spell played for a 3 mana cost for a 2/3.

Alternatively, removing Priest cards that affect cards in opponents hand will completely balance the class in game.
Well if the key is available sent to me and i will honor it!
you should just give me the key because i am really sexy irl. but you cant have sex with me. i would love a key thought #wetness #sexy #betamadness #champion
11/04/2013 03:37 PMPosted by onadar7

I miss him, you're wrong.

Owned. GG. You got served.

Stupid comeback. You only miss him if you're the op's troll account. Which is almost certainly the case. Which itself is really sad. For humanity's sake lock yourself in a dark room, never contact anyone, and remove yourself from the internet.

Even Blizzard had admitted that the mechanism of MIND CONTROL has serious problem. 8 mana cost grants you a minion and the opponents loses a minion. And of course every priest uses it to get the 7+ cost legendary minion from their enemy.

Please do a simple calculation. 8 mana cost = 7-10 minion got, 7-10 enemy minion killed, that is 8 cost = 14-20 benefit.

And what's more, the enemy who summons the legendary minions lose a turn for the minion lost.

And what's more, priests can take 2 MIND CONTROLs with them.

And what's more, priests can take their own legendary with them too.

Would you suggest people do not take any 7+ minion with them just to counter the priests? Oh yes, the Hunter! The hunter is the other common seen class saw from the master level ladder games.

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