Can't play Mage deck anymore

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I currently have a weird bug that is preventing me from playing my Mage deck and only my Mage deck.

After crafting a Pyroblast from dust and adding it to my deck, the following problems now occur:

1. Hearthstone now claims every time I log in that I don't have a Mage deck, but when accessing the card databases, my Mage deck is listed as complete and contains what it should.

2. Changing one card of the lineup makes it accessible, but upon the next log in, the Mage deck is considered not to exist.

3. 'There was an error creating the game' error happens every time I try to play the Mage deck in any mode after changing the lineup.

I am able to play decks of other classes - hence why this is a weird issue.

Any help as to making my Mage deck playable again is appreciated.

Could you please try completely deleting your custom Mage deck and then recreating it? Don't rename it, just use the default name given by the game.

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That fixed things. Thank you for your help, Omrakos.
I have the same problem today when i logged in so, gonna try Omrakos tip and hope it works :)

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