Hearthstone installer won't install!!

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I try everything the forum says, I delete the agent file, I restart my computer, but the installer just won't start to install, everything it finish 100 percent, it will tell me "Something wrong while launching a program, please restart your computer again." I restart it so many times, It just won't work. I have win 7 and the error code is BLZAPPBTS0000C!!! SOMEBODY HELP!!!!
I have the same problem.

Please try uninstalling the beta Desktop App using the Programs and Features applet in your Control Panel. Then re-install it. Use the Desktop App to install Hearthstone afterwards, rather than using the Hearthstone-Beta-Setup-enUS.exe if that's what you've been using.

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it did not work
I am experiencing the same problem and I have done all the recommendations, turned off virus protection or any other security based software, deleted the battle.net and or the Blizzard Entertainment folder from ProgramData (Windows 7), uninstall and install both the Battle.net Beta Platform or Hearthstone individual every now and then it may work as it please and then a different issue occurs where it does get installed but I cannot launch it.

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