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I purchased an Arena buy in and it has been stuck at "Waiting for Authorization". I received the email for the purchase and I see it on my bank account as a deduction.

I've seen some prior topics that were half a month back and want to know if this is an on-going issue or if there is a fix for it.

Here is an older post where it was looked at by your team and then fixed the following day.

Update: 48+ hrs with no response and no help. Still same issue and on top of it, Blizzard collected on my pending transaction.

Update: Resolved. For other people having this issue, what I did was get rid of all my payment options under my account and re-entered a new payment method. Then I just let the game sit on "waiting for authorization" and after about 15 min, it finally canceled it. I hope this helps.
I am having the same issue as well
Still have been unable to enter arena nor buy cards for 24 hours now. The transaction is still pending and I called my bank to see if it was on my end. The charges were all approved and just waiting for blizzard to collect them.

Here is an older post where it was looked at by your team and then fixed.

It seems the problem is still occurring, at least for me and another. I'm also not using paypal.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
i have the same problem, can't enter arena nor buy cards :/
Bump for help please.
Anyone can help us with this issue? I have it for 4 days :S
48+ hrs and no help yet. Blizzard also collected on the pending transaction.

Sorry to hear you're going through the same issue. I did some digging and we may need to wait until maintenance next week. Blizzcon is also this weekend so I doubt anyone will look into this issue for us atm.

In the meantime, if you need to have your money refunded, you can call Blizzard. They won't refund it right away but they'll make a ticket for it and send you an email in an hour or so. I could care less about the money, I'm just doing what i can get to get more attention to this issue since arena is the only aspect of hearthstone I enjoy.
thanks man, i don't care about the money it's just only 2$ but arena is the only that i play in hearthstone, Hope that the next maintenance not be long.

Thank you and sorry for my bad english!
Sam problem for me too. its been a week now and still i have tried everything and still stuck

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