Playful Sprite fixes that DO NOT WORK

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Hey guys. The playful sprites are interfering with all of us and there are several proposed solutions to get us back up and running. However, I keep seeing people posting the same "potential fixes" in several different threads and none of these seem to be the solution for a great majority of us. I thought it would be helpful just to put all of these failed fixes in one list to try and cut down on repetition and clutter.

So far, to my best knowledge and firsthand experience, these fixes for the Playful Sprites error/crash DO NOT work:
    -Reseting your settings to default
    -Changing your graphics quality from High to Low (or vice-versa)
    -Changing your server to EU/Asia and back
    -Deleting your saved emails through the launcher options (General, then underneath security)
    -Adding Hearthstone to your Firewall exceptions
    -Uninstalling/Reinstalling Hearthstone and the launcher
    -Deleting your cache folder
    -Deleting your Blizzard Entertainment folder from C:\ProgramData

My best assumption is that this is a server side issue, not a personal settings issue, since some threads have people logging in from different computers and still receiving the error while their friends are fine.

As far as a solution, the only one that you could genuinely count on at this time would be one provided by Blizzard, and they obviously don't have one, nor an estimate on when a solution will be available.

I don't agree with not having any updates in 5+ days considering several of the affected have already contributed their money to the game (if people are going to give you money, you should at least provide them with an update within a day or so window in order to provide a small peace of mind), so maybe creating a single thread, where the effected post and people provide information on the false fixes, would be effective in garnering a bit more attention.
I find it weird that people keep proposing these silly things as solutions(pressing the cinematic button fixed it for you, really?) after there has been a blizzard post on the EU forums saying that it's an account related server side problem. Either way, I agree with you, I'd REALLY like an update from somebody at Blizzard to let us know what they are doing about it.
This going on for 5 days and no updates from blizzard is unacceptable. It being a beta is no excuse, if you dont have the server infrastructure to handle the load then this game should not even be in closed beta. I have participated in a lot of beta's, this one has been the worse by far. The point of a beta is being able to test the game. You can't cant do that if it never works. It also does not say much for the software engineers, that it takes this long to figure out a bug.
If this is what i think it is ...

I am on my 3rd day now getting Closed ! The playful sprites etc etc sign on the door ..
I got in yesterday for the first time and started receiving the error today whenever I try matchmaking or practice :(
Strange because after not being able to play for 3 days due to the "playful sprites" I finally googled it and after trying all the supposed fixes I tried switching from US to Asia back to US and it worked for me just fine.
Hey guys. The "Playful Sprites" error has dissipated for me. I'm not 100% sure of the reason the issue has been resolved, though. I did delete all of my internet cookies (from the beginning of time on Chrome) and the game worked afterward.

This is not a proposed solution, however. As my initial post states, some people have deleted their cache/cookies and are still experiencing the problem. Also, since I didn't try to load the game immediately prior to deleting the cookies either, I have no empirical evidence that would suggest this was indeed the answer to the issue.

Hopefully there will be an update to help the other folks who are still experiencing the issue.
hey. i hope there is coming an update because this "playful sprites and the closed thing is realy pissing me of. pls come with an update anf fix this. just got HS 2 days ago. i have had many problems with hs first the screen froze then the next day it closed(playful sprites) what to do ??????

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