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Worked fine until last couple days, was able to play without incident for 2+ weeks until yesterday. Now I have been getting this error about every 4th time I attempt to find a match. Happened probably 20+ times now over the last two days. I basically know when it will happen because it takes more than 20 seconds to find a match. Even if I hit cancel, after a minute or two I randomly get the message even if I am at the deck building screen or something instead of looking for another match.
Yeah, I'm having the same issue as well. I know it was posted on the desktop app thing several days ago that they were resolving the issue. Now I'm having the problem again. Doesn't bother me much, though. Just glad I've gotten to play the game.
same issue appearing for me, probably going to try a reinstall idk game was fine until 2 days ago now i get this error a few times per day

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