So Laggy on bad internet

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I work out of a hotel for 4 days a week and I can not figure out why this game is SOOO laggy when I am in the hotel. It works fine at home but in the hotel especially lately I am rarely able to play an entire game without lagging past a turn. It has to be the internet connection and not the servers because as I said at home it works fine. But I can watch netflix and usually youtube no problem. Not to mention I can play Dota 2 fairly reliably on this connect. <br/><br/>I don't understand how I have no issues with a timing based strategy game but a turn based card game is essentially unplayable. Is this something that is being worked on? I mean if I can't play this on subpar internet how am I suppose to be able to play this on 4g?
Hotel internet, while usually is fast enough to play the game.

The ping times are terrible, 1000+ ms sometimes as high as 2000 ms (aka 1 second / 2 second)

My 4G connection is a lot better 70ms at the worst.

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