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hi is anyone using Australia amex or battlenet USD balance to pay for packs in hearthstone?

because i currently have $120 USD in battle net balance and AMEX registered to my my account

but the game keeps on telling me to register a payment method and i keep putting in my AMEX so it keep on doing the same thing.

and the blizzard support has told me i can't use AMEX because AMEX can only give USD !?!?!?! and i can't use my balance because it's in USD !!!! WTF i thought beta is us server anyway !?!?!

has anyone in aus got packs with these payment methods?

if not what methods are you using?


this is what they have said to me

"Thank you for contacting Blizzard Entertainment Customer Support. I apologize for the confusion. The reason it keeps asking you to add a payment option is because you can only buy Hearthstone Card packs with your local currency, which in your case would be Australian Dollars. Your Balance is in US Dollars and American Express only uses US dollars as currency. To be able to buy Card Packs in Hearthstone you will need to use Australian Dollars. I hope this answers your questions and again, I apologize for the confusion. Have a great day.

What you were told by Customer Support explains it pretty well actually.

The country of residence you have on your account is Australia. That means you must use Australian dollars for purchases in Hearthstone.

"Your currency in Hearthstone is automatically determined by your account's registered country and cannot be changed."

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but then why would you guys let me put money in USD .............

and what about my Australian Amex how come i can't use that ?

how can a Australia credit card not be use to charge AUD on your payment system :(
I'm experiencing the same issue. My American Express card is still used for my World of Warcraft subscription, but for some reason it isn't accepted for all other transactions.
Same here it is a bit frustrating there should be an option to convert the currency.
so like i recharged my 25 dollar card onto aud and now i dont know how to use it to buy packs on hearthstone :/

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