"Closed: The game was unable to log you"

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I keep getting "Closed: The game was unable to log you in through battle.net".

I haven't been able to play the game at all since I got the beta key because I keep getting this error every single time I try to play the game.

I have tried reinstalling battle.net, deleting battle.net files as suggested in some of the solutions, but to no avail.

I'm also using university campus internet.
Have you started it from battle.net client? I tried to run it straight from applications, but i also got this error, though it works fine when i launch it from the client.
I have tried starting it from battle.net, and not from battle.net

The error I receive when I start the game straight from hearthstone is a different error I get when I start the game from battle.net.

Starting the game straight from the hearthstone client gives me an error that states I do not have battle.net (paraphrasing here).

Starting the game from battle.net gives me a "cannot log you in through battle.net".

Not too sure what the issue is, but I haven't been able to get the game working since I got the beta key. Tried all the solutions (at least the ones that I could find) from google searches of the same error, but no progress so far.
I have the same problem with you. its a BUG?
Having the same problem. I just downloaded the game today. I've already opened all the appropriate ports and still nothing.
I have the same problem. I have tried reinstalling the game, reinstalling battle.net client, closing everything and deleting the Blizzard Entertainment folder in C:\ProgramData, and none of this works! I have a friend who has a similar problem and this is really, REALLY annoying. Blizzard can you please look into this as it seems like it's not a small problem?

Thank you!
I am having this problem as well i was able to play a couple times but it is very intermittent. I am at a university at well if that might be the issue.
The same. I received my beta key yesterday. Was able to play for couple of hours. When tried to play it again today, getting the same message. My internet connection is fine, firewalls as well, battle.net works. Trying different start-ups (icon, start menu icon, battle.net icon), doesn't matter.
Hello everyone.

I've received the Beta key 2 weeks ago and everything was going fine since today.
Been playing these 2 weeks, but now when I try to enter the game from battle.net I get "Closed: The game was unable to log you in through battle.net".
I'm so depressed right now cuz I was having so much fun and I don't know how to solve this.

Greetings for everyone
Heartstone is awesome

Pls help
Sorry ppl but my error says : "Closed: The game was unable to log you in through battle.net. Please wait a few minutes and try again."
This is what I did before when I had the same problem.

This solved the problem. To recap, I had to uninstall Hearthstone and then uninstall the desktop app because it was not the latest version. I then had to delete the battle.net folder in /users/shared/blizzard/ because it gave me an error once I tried to reinstall the app. Once that was done, both the app and game were installed properly and I was able to connect to the game.

I just tried this solution and it did not work
Same here nothing helps
Same to me. Got my key yesterday and installed today.
i got the same problem got my key today !
I got the same problem.
Same problem - "Closed" Cannot log you in.
I'm having that problem too. Uninstalling and re-installing didn't work for me either.
help us plsssss :C
Let's first make sure ports 3724 and 1119 are being forwarded through your router and modem, and we can work from there.

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