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Hello guys, I am playing Heathstone on both PC and Mac, but on Mac i have much bigger cursor than on PC. It's very irritating. I wanted to ask if this is intended or can be customized with some change in game files or can't you add a slider in options for cursor size?
that would be great, the cursor is way to big!!!
+1 for reduced cursor size on mac please thank you!!
+1 !!!
It's sad they still haven't done anything about this.

I mentioned this issue 2 weeks after the closed beta started on what back then was the general tech support forum. Still nothing... so sick of playing as mickey mouse.
AGREED!! Playing on macbook pro 13inch and the cursor is HUGE. My sister plays on a small tiny netbook and her cursor is smaller then mine!!
another +1...

Playing on a 13inch non retina MBP, the curser is huge! Would love to get an option to scale it down!
I play on both PC and on my Macbook Pro 13", non-Retina. I too think that the cursor on the mac is overly huge. I should do a comparison in PS or something to show the difference.
+1 playing on a MacBook Air

Cursor is about 3-4 times bigger than it is on Windows. Can we get a response, please? Thank you :)

Mac cursor is huge and it really is aesthetically displeasing and kind of annoying. At least make it an option to have it the same size as the Windows version... please! There have been numerous complaints on this.
Yeah, this drives me nuts too. It's pretty absurd that this hasn't been addressed yet.
Azeroth to Blizzard... come in Blizzard... +1 Update the MacOS client so that we don't all feel like we're playing NES again where Thrall's nose is just one big pixel!

Hello Blizzard?
How can this still not be fixed? The big cursor is very annoying. I play both on PC and on Macbook and only mac has this problem.

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