[Windows XP] Agent.exe/Normaliz.dll Files not found

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We’re aware of an issue that began after the 11/12 Battle.net update; certain versions of Windows XP are unable to start up the Battle.net Agent to run Blizzard games.

To resolve this issue, you must manually uninstall ALL Battle.net related files, including the Battle.net Desktop Application. Follow these steps:

1. Show hidden files and folders.
2. Using Windows Explorer, delete the following folders:
C:\Program Files\Battle.net
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Battle.net
3. Choose the appropriate option for the launcher you use:
  • Battle.net Desktop Application & Hearthstone users: Use the updated Battle.net or Hearthstone installer on the Battle.net Games Management page to reinstall Battle.net application and related files.
  • Classic launcher users: Launch the game using the normal shortcut to download the updated Battle.net/Agent files.
  • It won't even let me uninstall at this point. And I have Windows 7. I have tried searching for the hidden files to delete but I'm unable to locate them after searching.
    11/14/2013 07:06 AMPosted by LordKazzy
    It won't even let me uninstall at this point. And I have Windows 7. I have tried searching for the hidden files to delete but I'm unable to locate them after searching.

    Try searching: %ProgramData%
    You could give me your account and i'll try it for you. :D haha I kid, good luck man! At least you have played it!
    Oh yeah I had this problem when I first got my key. Had to delete the whole battle.net folder. It fixed the problem.
    Do you know it is beta and many players still have not access to the game? You should really consider the fact that in the beta there can be some issues with gameplay before clicking opt-in button.
    As of about yesterday the game became increasingly unwilling to load. The client says "checking for updates" and then tries to do something with the agent at which point it stops and waits about 30 seconds and then closes that window with another popping up and telling me to wait a minute and try again or restart my computer. This hasn't worked. I've deleted the folders as requested and nothing is working.

    Still broken?
    I've tried to get it to work on my desktop (old Dell E510) but can't get it to run with XP:/ At least I still have my laptop I suppose.
    Can we get a little more specific details on this? I can run the Battle.net Launcher, but when I go to run the game itself it acts like it's loading, then closes...

    I've tried un-installing these folders after allowing for hidden under settings as directed however when I go to launch Heartstone it asks to just re-install what I had deleted...

    It is an endless loop!!! HELP
    My game just continuously crashes on start screen, just goes black then hearthstone.exe has stopped working.
    Same problem as the two above...more detail on how to fix this issue is needed
    Doesnt work thx
    I am trying to get in touch with someone from tech support. Earlier today, 2/20/14 around 2:00 my internet connection was lost while I was in the arena. As a result I lost the match and am now unable to return to the arena since my 3 loss limit has been reached. I do not know if this is the correct thread for this concern, but I would like to be able to get another chance to play in the arena. Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Marc Richardson

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