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I had the same just happen to me as well. 3 holy fires, 3 holy novas in a normal game. I had a recording at one point and posted it up on you tube. It was taken down for some reason.
Same...he had 3 alarm o bots played by turn 5 dealt with the first two and he played a third took a screen shot u can see the two discarded bots in the left card played bar and the third on the board. Clearly I can't post it but I have it lol.
I just played against a druid that used healing touch 3 times and the add two mana crystals 3 times. How is that?
what the hell, if something is an issue get off your !@# and fix it.. everyone wants to play a fair game. If the greatest issue is reviving a thread. go monitor a chat room. I ve had several opponents with 3 or 4 of the same cards. just want people to come out and say there is an issue. And it wasn't an arena, or a priest, I played a paladin named Vitor who had 4 consecrations
Just had it happen to me against a paladin who kept using the card where it drops your attack to 1. Happened three times in the match. I'm done with this game as well. I actually just came back yesterday and with the attitude this thread has received from moderators, I would rather spend my time and money somewhere else.
A certain player just played back-to-back rags in my game, This was not faceless. This has happened before and it is very annoying, especially since I killed his first rag.
I've just faced a hunter who used 3 webspinners. Really?
The funny thing about webspinners is they can summon themselves as a card in you opponent's hand.
Best thing is, none of this situations is EVER caught on tape. I can leave it with that.

Also, couple of webspinners and Alarm-o-bots are completely normal thing. Read cards descritpion more carefully.

Other minions also with certain classes.
I just encountered a hunter (ESK was his name i think) who had 3 buzzards, 3 killcommands... da !#!*%*@
I just watched a Warrior named VersaStyles draw like 10 cards in a row and Stack armor from 8 to 21 in one turn now you tell me that's not hacks.
Watched closely, guy had 3 ironbark's somehow. He immediately changed names after the match too. The way he spammed legendaries and good cards only seemed a bit fishy.
resurection yeh :)

yah priest had 4 mogu'shan warden playing against my rogue (in ranked mode , against my rogue who isnt using that card) explaination ?
Screenshots or video or it can't be explained or it didn't actually happen.
11/09/2014 03:01 PMPosted by rabb1t
Screenshots or video or it can't be explained or it didn't actually happen.


Is it enough for you? 4 demolishers.
Echo of Mevidh. It copied the demolishers on the field back into his hand.
Soooo yes.

I've been playing vs in the play area. Not in the arena so the 2 card limit applies to having the same card in your deck....

So far I've faced down a hunter with 3 Savannah Highmane's that came straight out of his deck without any magic or faceless manipulators played....

And I just got off playing a mage who broke out 2 Lightwells......

Sorry to say Blizz..... You've got card hackers running around in your ladder feeding off your dedicated players who just want to have a good time.

Now if there is a way to easily point these people out so Blizz can target focus their accounts for looking for software hacks, that would let the players feel like there is a means they can go about policing their own game environment. It's frustrating to keep tabs on what your opponent is putting down, only to see them pull off an unfair advantage play with a third card out their hand that magic doesn't account for....
Did the hunter use Webspinners ?
they could add a extra Savannah into their hand
The same thing happened right now to me, there was this guy (ranked game, no arena) Odin (18), Warlock class. He played 4 alarm-o-bot summoning 3 "dread infernal" in a game.
This is no fair at all!
1) Don't necro threads, it's ALWAYS better to create a new thread, espeicially when the original poster made his post TWO YEARS AGO!

2) Alarm-o-bot SWAPS with another minion. This means that the 'Bot returns to the owner's hand. Learn to READ cards.

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