"Not available in your region" Fixed for me

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Hey All,

Not sure if this a fluke, or a firm fix. I managed to get the "play" button working by:
1. Opening battle.net app
2. Clicking 'account management' to open battle.net in web browser.
3. Changing password, while battle.net app was still open.

Once I did this, the 'play' button worked immediately. Literally, immediately.

FYI, this is the total unfolding of events (US region, living in Australia)
1.~approx Midnight Friday (Syd time) I redeemed beta key - did not appear on my account (either online or in-app)
2. Located manual download link for Hearthstone. Play button would not work.
3. Changed password. Hearthstone appeared in account management, but not Play button in App wouldn't work.
4. Cleared cache, re-installed battle.net app, re-installed hearsthone. No change to play button.
5. Waited approx 44 hours. No change to play button.
6. Used first three points above - Play button worked.

Again, not sure if this was a fluke (I know there has been some stress on authentication servers), but thought I would post anyway.

Good luck to all those waiting!
Wow this has actually worked for me, I have changed my password 3 times but this is the first time with the client open.

I can confirm this also worked for me immediately, I changed my pass around 20 times with no luck and then when i did it by opening the site through the app it worked. Thank you!
Glad you both got in!
This actually worked for me after 40ish hours.. THANKS!
Yay! Glad to hear more peeps to play against ;)
Worked, thx
works like a charm.
+1 thank you dude <3
you sir are a genius!!
This did not work for me, however it has been less than 24 hours since I entered my key, so hopefully this not working for me is purely a time based issue.
Same here. Hasn't worked for me yet, but it hasn't even been 24hours. Do you know if they take time to confirm if people are who they are?
still doesn't work for me, thanks anyway
Hi All

This is very common problem what most of ppl I know have it. EU accounts can have this delay and you need some patience. Some of EU accounts when BETA KEY get active, have to be move to US servers and then syncronize with them. Once that process is complete EU account is active and then u can play. This is about problem when you can see on grey PLAY " Hearthstone is currently not available in your region". I have to wait whole weekend. I got KEY on Friday night and wait till Sunday evening, and on Monday I have to go to work. I took day off :P
Didn't work for me :(
i am having a similar issue that i cant connect to the beta hearth stone. except i have the play button but i also have a lock next to the play button that says my hearth stone account is suspended untill saturday dec 11 2038. i can click the play button and it attempts to get me in ....then i c a big sign that says sumthing about sum stupid sprites n there unwillingness to let me play the game and to wait. have sent in copy of my ID and info about prob n ticket form n the contact at blizz kinda lumped me into the pile with u guys (even tho imo i think my problem might b concerning sumthing diff since i do have the play button and did not have any problems downoading game or inputing the key) i made a new forum post since the one i had found on the subject has vanished or i just cant find it again titled: suspended saturday dec 11 2038.

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