Hearthstone Beta Key Redemption Issue - 12/3

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This game shows up on my Battlenet Beta app, but says I haven't been invited and need to redeem a key. No way of requesting a key and does not show on my list of games. However it's supposed to be an open Beta, and my son has this on his account and has successfully played it on my PC. So how do I get this on my account if it's an open beta? And no it doesn't show in my beta opt ins.
It says you have not got a beta key yet
Why would you need a key for an "open beta"?

Surely open means open. If a door is open then there is no point in having a key for it. The key is redundant.

Yet here I am with the client insisting that I enter a key. Is this a bug?

I've logged into the American servers from the EU and still no dice. What gives?
how to get a beta key?
Please..Heartstone key
BySelo ,

Hearthstone is free, it doesn't use keys. They were just needed for the beta. Click the Purple "Play Free Now" button at the top of the forum to get started.

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