Can't add a friend :(

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i cant add a friend we tried to add each other and we couldnt it doesnt even appear to us to accept it or not please fix it
The same thing has happened to me....i posted about it in another hearthstone forum but i heard no response =\ i really would love to play against my friends considering alot of them have the beta =\ i even tried reinstalling and that did nothing also yet in WoW and sc2 i have my friends list working =\
bump for a hopeful reply from an admin =) I REALLY NEED THIS FIXED ive had my beta for a while now =\
Added my friends by deleting the space between name and #, so who#0000 worked for me.
ya same here i am trying from yesterday with no luck :(
I am in the same boat. My friends and I have tried by email address and by player # without success.
Same problem both on same region and downloaded the same client cant add each other, guess blizzard don't give a !@#$ tho since there are no fixes or even any information about it.
same !@#$ here .. cant add each others

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