Unable to start the game. Multiple computers

Technical Support
Since i had an order issue that was looked into by a support specialist i can no longer start the game. Every time i try to start the game it hangs right away and gives me a playfull sprites message.

It is related to my account since i have tryed from several (3) computers and since those same computers can log in with a freinds account, which works fine. The issue came exactly after some work was done towards troubleshooting a order issue with my account where i ordered 15 packs together with a support specialist over the phone and those packs never arrived in game but the money was payed from my Visa. So after some investigation and a reply fromt he support specialist that the money would be payed back to my account, i can now no longer play the game.

The support specialist said that there was nothing more he could do to help and technical issues were to be posted on the forums, for player and developer support. However this is clearly account related due to above mentioned error behavior, where the error follows the account and not the computer. So i doubt that any fellow players or that i my self will be able to fix this.

So looking for blue response, who can dig into this issue and if any other players have similar issues and got it resolved, then plaese add to this thread with information.

Thanks a lot
i have this exact same issue, all my friends are playing but me lol
i am having the same problem. when i try to login it says
Closed your game timed out
and then the games closes
It's maintainance time. 10:00pst - 11:00
its past 11:00 color me shocked

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