bnet disconnection during arena

Technical Support
I think it's incredibly wrong that I just got disconnected from the server AGAIN...and received a loss when I was making my finishing play. Although I spent in-game gold and not actual money to play in the arena this time around, that gold is worth the real money it costs to enter the arena. To have TWO losses against me because of's own problems is beyond frustrating. My internet connection is a solid cable connection and I never lost my connection. It's definitely a issue.

There should ABSOLUTELY be a way to reconnect to bnet. If you have ever played online poker, you have time and a chance to reconnect. Why does hearthstone not allow this? This is really unacceptable and I really wish I had my 150 gold back so I could try again when your servers were more stable.
We all know how frustrating that can be...
But the game is in beta and most importantly; Opening up a thread doesn't get you your gold back so relax and wait for the game to come out before complaining.

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