Cards Overlapping

Bug Report
Sometimes when you draw a card the card will overlap with one you already have in your hand, making the card you had already unusable. This can be really, really annoying and I actually just lost a ranked game because of it. Please fix it ASAP, i love this game <3
Similar issue with cards returned to players deck.
A card is returned to players deck, only to hover (face down) above the table, above another card, making that card un-attackable. this doesn't happen all the time, however when it does happen, it happens under differant circumstances.
Have tried to recreate the same/similar senario when it happens to no avail.
Random bug that has potential to ruin a round/game.
Same thing happened to me, except I got a sapped minion returned that overlapped between a spell card and another minion card in my hand. When I moved trough the hand to the right it displayed the returned minion, but moving from the left displayed the other minion. when I highlighted the returned minion to play it again, instead it played the spell card that I could not see. Very irritating. The issue did not resolve until I played the returned minion again. "Resolve" meant my hand went back to normal, save for the other minion that had been in my hand mysteriously disappearing.

Again very irritating.
I'm experiencing this issue as of today's patch - cards in hand are overlapping, making one of them unplayable.

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