BUG?need help.

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Recently, I chose warrior vs druid. The druid played Innervate and then played Alarm-o-Bot at his first turn. At his second turn, the Alarm-o-Bot changed to Ironbark Protector, then he played his second Innervate, I cannot remember clearly, but for sure he played his second Alarm-o-Bot. At his third turn, the second Alarm-o-Bot changed to second Ironbark Protector. OK, good luck for him. But, a weird thing happened, he played his third Alarm-o-Bot at this turn. At the fourth turn, the fourth Alarm-o-Bot was played.
How many Alarm-o-Bot can be used in a deck? It is a BUG? I do not know.
This is not a bug. The alarm o bot trades for a minion at the start of the players turn. So in otherwords the Alarm O bot goes back into the players hand.
O, I see, that is an excellent strategy. Thank you very much.

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