crashing in arena

Technical Support
It's really starting to be unfair when people like me pay real money to play arena to save gold and i get disconected when i am about to kill the other palyer with lethal... this is like the 15th time this has happened why have i not been refunded anything.. let alone when i try to screen !@#$ it it closes to fast so i cant even get the proof like what the heck....
I am having the SAME issue... I just posted about this in the tech support thread. It is VERY frustrating... see my post called "Possible Refund for Arena Payment" or something like that!

Its happened to me though like i said 3 times in a row now! :(
Thank you for also trying to get something done on this issue it is not the ibggest deal in the world but if im going to be spending real money i should be reimbursed for there side of technical problems not my side..

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