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I have changed my parental controls so that I can make in-game purchases, and it STILL won't let me (through Hearthstone). The only reason I put them in place was to limit spending my money. The parental controls system has been nothing but a hassle.

Not only that, but it seems that your contact system (both tickets and online chat) do NOT work for Apple computers. I've tried on three different computers, using Chrome, Safari, and Opera. I tried calling. It just brings you to an automated system saying to go back online. It took me forever just to find the support e-mail. Once I sent an e-mail, I received a response stating that the support e-mail is no longer monitored. This is ridiculous.

I understand that removing parental controls isn't allowed unless we contact you with a government-issued ID. I have a copy of mine, so if someone could PLEASE contact me so that I can give it to you privately (not through a public forum), that would be wonderful. I've got $20 sitting on my account waiting for me to use it to purchase 15 decks of cards, but my parental controls will not let me even though I've changed them!

Please remove my parental controls. I am the sole registered user, and I find it unorthodox that we have to actually contact you with a government-issued ID just to remove them. Why can't you remove them from the parental controls page? Again, ridiculous and a huge hassle.

Also, please look into your support system. If someone's computer is unable to submit tickets or open chat, like mine is for some reason, they're basically out of luck. Although when I actually am able to receive support, it's always been exceptional, it's very hard to ACTUALLY contact you.

Thank you so much for listening to my rant. I apologize for my frustration.


Katie L / FireAndIce
Can someone please give me a contact that I can speak to about this, since the ticket system isn't working for any computers that I try it on? I'm getting very frustrated and irked.

This is absolutely ridiculous.

How the hell am I supposed to get help when the only way the apparently contact support isn't working!?!?!?
I have the same issue and haven't even added parental controls... I'm the only one with my account info yet it restricts me from buying a simple 15 card pack. I tried contacting support but their phone lines are "redesigned", their 1 on 1 chats are never open and opening a ticket isn't worth my time. Honestly blizzard how do you expect to maintain a satisfied player base when your slowly avoiding contact with your players???

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