Ehm.. refund? (booster pack gone)

Technical Support
So about 15-40min ago I bought a booster pack.
I got:
Bloodmage Thalnos
Force of Nature
Ice Lance
I don't recall rest of the cards, but they were common like Ice lance.

So I bought the pack, thought I'd make a mage deck since I finally had 2x Ice Lances and combined with the Bloodmage Thalnos it would be the perfect time to try it out.
So I make the mage deck, and I queue up for ranked.
I get disconnected as I queue up.
I log back in again, and my mage deck is invalid to play with.
I don't quite understand why? Then I notice that the cards that I just got in the booster is gone.
And the cash I spend on the booster is also gone.

A little angry.. my first legendary card ever and I loose it all due to a random disconnection?
I friend of mine noticed I was a little grumpy, I told him why.. he told me I should try contact blizz support, I didn't really wanted to bother since I doubt they care to help.
But as he said.. it's worth a try..

So any help?
Or is it just lost for good?
wow that is quite a loss, but i doubt there are any refunds at all
I logged in today.
And now I got the cards in my collection.
Not sure if they fixed without saying, or what happen there. But after approx 24 hours the cards are back in my collection.
At any rate.. thanks I guess :S

Edit - 19-01-2014 : As of today I'll no longer watch over or follow this topic. :)

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