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While unlocking all of the basic cards I got disconnected. When I reconnected, my warlock deck was 16/20 and my priest deck is 10/20. My warlock is lvl 10 and my priest is lvl 3 so I can't seem to get the cards back.

Edit: This issue was resolved after about an hour or so, so if anyone else is experiencing this just try again later and it should be OK.
Same thing with me :(
Same. I lost the Starving Buzzards, Tundra Rhinos, and Mortal Coils.

Its been approximately 2 hours since this happened and I don't seem to have gotten these cards back.
Same here. Lost Mind Control after a disconnect while trying to play casual.
same here

happened twice now after a dc. first time somehow fixed itself
Same here, got disconnected during an AI fight after I had won. Upon reconnect it gave me the Rhinos and I even built a deck with them.

Then later the Rhinos were gone and now:

1) My Hunter deck has a big red X through it because these cards are suddenly missing.
2) I reached lvl10 and got the Kill Command cards but still didn't get the Rhinos.

Now I'm stuck as I cannot finish my Hunter Deck or complete the 'Get all basic cards' quest. Any idea how I can fix this?

This happened yesterday and it still has not corrected, even after leveling all the way up to 10.
ya this has not corrected itself and this thread is pretty much the same as the one i previously posted in here

this takes the fun out of this game blizzard...

Edit: Probably the proper section of the forum under bugs

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