Level 10 Paladin But 16/20 Cards Unlocked

Bug Report
So I hit 10 on Paladin, went to go put a couple of the level 10 cards in my deck which worked. Then I went to play a game and got disconnected for some reason while searching for a match. When I reloaded the game my deck had an 'x' over it and even though I'm level 10 it now shows I only have 16 of the 20 hero cards for Paladin. I've restarted the game multiple times and my account still seems to be bugged.

Heres a screenshot showing my level as 10 but only 16/20 cards: http://i.imgur.com/9hBrTVl.jpg
Exact same report here, except with with a Level 6 Hunter.
This happened to me as well. I defeated the warlock in a practice game, making the warlock cards available to play and leveling my shaman to level 8 earning me a new card. Went to play a practice game against the hunter when I got disconnected. Log back on to find my new shaman cards missing along with the warlock cards I just received. Had an X mark over my deck since it still had the new shaman card in it but technically I did not have it. I've also tried restarting a few times but still no difference.
Yeah, it's been 30 minutes for me and the cards are still not there. Did this both happen to you guys today? Probably an issue with the most recent patch?
Yeah happened to me about 30 minutes ago. Most likely something to do with the patch. I've been looking around the forums and lots of people seem to be having this issue
Ah yup, there's 2 other threads on the front page about this.
Same happened. My paladin hit level 2, I put my truesilver weapon in my deck and went to play another practice match only to get disconnected by evil sprites. When I loaded back in, the truesilver weapon was gone from my collection and my deck had a red X until I removed the lost card from the deck. Even leveling to 3 didn't restore the weapon.
I had it happen on my priest. I got all the cards unlocked and went to play a game in which I got disconnected while looking for another. When I started the game back up, there was an X over the priest.
Happened to my Jaina, did not recieve the Water Elementals or Flamestrike
It happened to me with a lvl 9 Mage. I got kicked out after gaining "Water Elementals," then I returned and didn't have them. Now I'm at lvl 10 with 18/20 cards unlocked.
Just happened to both my Druid and my Warlock, at level 2 and 10, respectively.

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