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When i unlocked Fan of Knives i put them in my deck then game crashed and they were gone. The same happened to Mark of the Hunter. New to the game and i have no idea what is happening. It says my deck is ineligible to be selected until i remove the cards stated above. After removing them and playing they are gone completely and my level 12 rogue says 18/20 basic cards.
This same exact thing just happened to me with the Mark of the Hunter. I beat Rexxar, unlocked the hunter cards, and put them in a deck with the 2 hunter cards i had unlocked from packs. When I went to play a game, the whole thing crashed and it told me to wait a few minutes before the program reloads. It restarted instantly and when i tried to use the hunter deck, all the cards were gone except for the 2 I had already gotten. I even beat Rexxar again to see if they would unlock, but no luck. What gives?
This happened to me too with mirror images! I beat the guy and got the card but then it crashed and u thought it still saved the card because it was still in my deck but then it wouldn't let me pay with the deck. I don't know how many times I've crashed already by playing this game and that's still okay since relogging doesn't take too much time and the game is still in beta but it keeps taking away my new earned cards that I want to try! Do I eventually earn these cards again or do I have to wait until they fix this? It's just really frustrating and worrying. And..I just crashed and lost my water elemental card :(
I have experienced the same issue twice - once with Warlock Level 6 (Soulfire) and once with Shaman Level 2 (Bloodlust).

In both cases my pattern of actions was was the same:

1) I won a practice match and leveled up, receiving the cards
2) I modified my deck and added the newly gained cards to the deck
3) I attempted to play a practice mode game with the newly modified deck
4) Hearthstone gave an error message that it could not connect to and needed to be restarted
5) A restart of Hearthstone led to the following situation:

My Shaman/Warlock is of the correct level
The cards are visible in the modified deck but NOT in my collection.
Attempting to play the deck shows the deck as unplayable/incomplete since my collection does not have cards that are in the decklist.

Replacing the bloodlusts/soulfires in the deck causes them to vanish from the deck (obviously) and they stay vanished from my collection, as well.

Because they are soulbound cards, I cannot craft them. Because they are Free, I cannot acquire them in Expert Packs. :-( The game is a lot less fun without Bloodlust/Soulfire...
Same thing here (it's happened twice already). I'm now listed as having 0/20 Warrior and Warlock cards (i.e. I have zero basic cards for those classes now), back down to 10/20 on my level 4 Druid, and 12/20 on my Mage.

This is a straight-up game-breaking bug. Not the greatest first impression for my first couple hours playing the game, guys.
This happened to me while levelling my Warrior and Rogue. Once I logged out of the beta app this problem fixed itself. However, before I figured this out I went ahead and got both my Warrior and Rogue to level 10, in order to get the 100gp reward and I never received it. Even after the card bug was fixed I still have not received the 100gp.

Really hope I can get my 100 gold.
Same thing here unfortunately.. I leveled up to 4 on Shaman and got the flametongue totems went to add them to the deck and then play a game and it crashed saying it couldnt connect to and when i restarted the game the cards were gone from my spellbook.
i was worried it may have happend to other cards but becasue im new i have not noticed, i only noticed the totems because i just unlocked them and this happend.

EDIT: I restarted and relogged the launcher and made it to level 6 Shaman curious to see if i would get the level 4 unlocks with the 6 and when i logged out, logged back in, and reloaded i lost totemic might(the level 6 unlock) as well.
also every time i start the game it says that the cards i previously had unlocked from packs and viewed are new again. its like its just restoring to that point or something.
I have had something similar happen with my druid started cards (Ironbark Protector, and one other...I don't recall). I unlocked, game crashed, then the cards where gone.

Has blizzard fixed this yet?
Considering you posted a hour Blizzard has not fixed this yet.

I experienced the same thing on my hunter. It has since fixed itself but now it's happening to my shaman.
Same thing here with my now lost Starving Buzzards. I don't suppose you can reset a hero's progress to zero?
Had this problem too. My issue seems pretty much the same as what was mentioned here already. It'd be annoying if you could lose cards from packs this way too. I'll probably play it safe and not open packs until a fix has been put in place.
The exact same thing just happened to me. I got my hunter to level 10 to get Kill command then put it in the deck. I then tried to play an unranked match the game bugs out. I log back in and the card isn't in my collection anymore. And I can't craft it either. I wanted to try hunter in rank but I can't really do that missing one of the most important hunter cards in the game.
As someone mentioned above, after a while the missing cards to seem to come back on their own. I don't know if it helped, but I deleted the bugged deck and logged out and in to hearthstone before they came back. And even then it was a few hours later.
Same for Mage at Level 10.

I went ahead and quit and then restarted (I didn't log out) and the cards came back.

I did remove them from the deck first, but I doubt that matters.
Worthy of note:
When your decks get X'd out and you can't see the cards, you also can't Search for them.

Might be relevant for debugging.
Also happened to me with the mage at levels 4 and 6. Got my new spells, added them in, game crashed and ate my cards.

If it is of any help, this started to happen today.

Yesterday i've been leveling up my mage and getting all the basic cards just fine and I can keep using them now.

But with the other heroes its happening the same bug as said above.
Just had this happen to me with Holy Nova on the Priest. Double checked, and I'm the correct level for the unlock on Priest, but the cards are no longer in my Collection.
I just had this happen on my warlock, made a custom deck, when to to the "play" got disconnected starting the match, and my last 2 cards earned at lvl 10 vanished. I've tried logging in and out to now avail. So, is this permeant, my warlock is just out of luck and wont have its basic cards? This seems like a pretty big bug in a game where you will pay real cash for cards, only to have them disappear... *poof*
Same issue here. Just now had my mirror images on my mage disappear. Posting here to let the devs know that something is up all over the place :?

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