Can't place cards, can't end turn.

Technical Support
My game has been acting up for the last week.
I've never had any problems before but now it is nigh unplayable.
Seemingly random I get these strange lags/bugs where I can't place cards, I can't end the turn even though it gets visibly pressed and placing cards and spells takes ages.
I just lost a match because the turn was stuck on enemy turn (at least for me) and then suddenly it became my turn with the fuse going hellafast meaning I didn't have time to play my cards.
I don't know if anyone else experiences this but it has taken all the joy out of the game for me.
im having a similar problem but my internet connection is fine.

I am in a ranked match and for the last two turns have been unable to end my turn or lay a card properly.

I used the hunters tracking card and did not even get a chance to pick my card by the time the cards came up and i clicked on my turn had ended and it picked a different card to the one i clicked.

On the next turn i laid release the hounds... the hounds never appeared and my turn ended.
My next turn never even happened and it skipped straight to the enemy's turn.

I am now playing out the rest of the game in this fashion.

P.S. it now seems to be affecting the enemy side also.

This makes me sad :( <<<< sad face
fcking fix it, god damn it!! everytime i get long game for like 30 minutes and fatique and everything the game just crashes, for me or opponent, can't place cards, can't attack, can't do any !@#$.
Does that mean that I have to play aggro decks??

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