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Just curious if Hearthstone was going to eventually support Retina display Macs?
I really hope they do, especially given how much text is in the game.
The Giant mouse cursor is especially annoying. I assume this is due to Retina.
I would think since every other game supports retina display that eventually HS will support it.
The cursor is exactly the same size on a retina display as it is on a non-retina display (big and mickey mouse like).
Please add support for retina graphics. This feature is severely lacking!
Retina support demand!
Sure would be nice if Blizz would post a reply to this thread, like, gee... sometime this CENTURY?
Yep, really hoping this gets added.
Please add it!
I also would appreciate support for Retina displays!
A random note - the game is hard enough on my Mac with halved resolution. I imagine that if it were really trying to push 2560x1600 pixels, it'd melt through my lap. (Late 2013 Retina MBP, 8/250, Iris graphics.)
@THX1138, here's a solution a found a couple months back. Enjoy!

03/10/2014 02:41 PMPosted by Kronyk1337
I've been using this as a work around,


The program is called RDM, Retina Display Menu.

1. Set your resolution to 2560x1600 (do NOT set it to any of the hi-dpi options)
2. Open Hearthstone
3. Go to options, select 2560x1600
4. Enjoy the beautiful colors ^_^

You will undoubtedly have to switch back to the normal resolution when you are not playing however, this hack makes the rest of osx so small and spaced out that reading anything on screen is near impossible. Simply make sure you select the 1280x800(hidpi) option and you should be good to go

Keep the settings on low and you will have much better visual quality and nearly zero heat issues
Still would be great to have Retina resolutions supported in the game directly. They work fine in WoW, D3, and SC2, so it can't be the case that Blizzard is unaware of the situation...
It is probably just me but I personally am very upset that until today there is still no retina support for the Mac platform. I would sincerely appreciate playing the game in native resolutions. Please blizzard.

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