Resolution and Minimizing Issue?

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I was just accepted into the Beta testing the other day and I have come across a really odd issue that I have tried to toy with... I have a Macbook Pro.

Basically, the issue has been occurring since the second log in period.. When I first installed the game, the resolution looked normal and the decks and everything seemed to fit perfectly, then I used command+f for minimizing the game, once tabbed back in, the graphics and resolution seemed stretched and distorted. It's really killing the looks of the game... I have messed with resolution options and tried reloading interface and all of those types of "easy solutions". I was just wondering if anyone else was experiencing this or if there was a quick fix that I have looked past.
Also, when I use cards that are supposed to send an opponents card back to their deck, sometimes the cards layer and begin to stack, upside down on the playing table, making it very hard to read the future cards the opponent is trying to use.
The same happens on my MacBook Pro with the minimizing issue. The resolution comes up wrong, and I can barely read the cards.
It would be much more convenient if they mirrored the minimization command+M like they have with every other blizzard game which would bring it into windowed mode rather than screwing with my resolution because it tries to disappear from my screen and then destroy the resolution. Hopefully there is a minor patch or something coming up soon. The select few of us that play mac really would like to enjoy the game to the extent of the other playerbase :(
This happened to me last night. What I did was command+f back to fullscreen (with the distorted resolution and stuff), and toggle the "Fullscreen" option in the menu off and on again. It set everything back to normal.

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