How does one use real money to buy card packs

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I've been trying to find a way to give Blizzard some of my money for the past hour or so with no luck. It seems that the in-game shop isn't accepting my Paypal. The "My Payments" link in the settings section won't allow me to do anything with my paypal info except delete it. The only other option is to give Blizzard direct access to my bank account which, based on this company's past security lapses, is never going to happen.

Trying to add money directly to my balance proved impossible as well. It seemed until I got an "authenticator" I would not be able to add more than $10 at a time...Lame, but ok, so I tried that. But it seems that you must have a SMS app to even be able to do that. The option to buy the physical authenticator seems to have vanished from the Blizzard Store (At least I couldn't find it). I don't have a cell phone and I'm sure and hell not gonna get one just so I can buy e-goods in a computer game.

Poked around in support for a while but all their links did was send me in circles all the while not answering even the most basic questions I had. Tried to submit a support ticket but it wouldn't allow to. There is no way that this isn't a wide spread problem and yet, there is no support topic about it? Seems pretty fishy to me.

So as far as I can tell my options are to look for prepaid diablo 3 auction house cards and hope that they will allow me to add money to my bnet balance or buying a pre-paid credit card and hoping that blizzard's garbage website will accept it...Honestly both of these options seem like far more trouble than they are worth.

Anyone else have any ideas on how to get around Blizzard's customer hostile payment system?
i use paypal and haven't had issues with it after i learned that you put in your battlenet password in not your paypal one :I
01/26/2014 02:48 AMPosted by JackBurton
Anyone else have any ideas on how to get around Blizzard's customer hostile payment system?


use a CC or gift card. i use gift cards. put it under your payments on your account when you log into

go into the game. buy something. it will ask for your password. enter it. boom you have bought your pack

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