Couple of Beta Bug's I've noticed

Mac Technical Support
MacBookPro w/ Retina 2013 15" display
8gigs ram, dual graphics card

350$ later and 3 week's of playtime, these are the most annoying bug's I've run into.

Bug's I've noticed:
-Mac OSX Firewall requires "allow connection" at start-up regardless of setting in Mac
-Cards occasionally ghost and stay on screen, usually seen after a secret is played
-Cards render incorrectly and will show as a green blob
-Arena incorrectly shows win's as zero is you exit the client or it crashes. After a win/loss it will redisplay the correct amount of current win/loss ratio.
-Cards swapping positions
-Cards ghosting (stay on screen, back visible) when a creature is returned to hand, blocking ability to see hero until that card is played again.

Features I'd like to see:
-Better syntax for searching I.e. "Legend" doesn't work but "Legendary" does
-More emotes Or a match chat client
-As a pay client, I personally believe Blizzard is a little stingy in the payout's of the daily quest's. As it stands it roughly takes the daily + 18 wins to get a pack or, daily + daily max of 45 wins to play Arena. Having spent a tidy sum on this game it's frustrating to have to grind out Arena. I assume it's by design but I think meeting a once per day pack or arena should easier to obtain via a slightly higher Daily quest payout.

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