Still can't play HS on my Mac... 1 week later

Mac Technical Support
I posted my problem on the Tech Support forum and after 3 days, I get a response telling me to repost my problem on the Mac support site. My mistake, i'll own that. I then re-post my problem on the mac tech support site and 5 days later, still not a peep from anyone. I understand that this is Beta and CS reps are working hard to address as many issues as possible but is it really that hard to get even an acknowledgement or someone to gather my information? When it was working, I was having a blast. starting at a black screen or just the top bar is not as much fun...
5 days ? many mac users wait for a fix ( or even a statement ) since 2 months for a font issue that occured last year with the release of patch 4217
well... that sucks... i guess bliz really doesn't care about their Mac users... huh... oh well.
lots of mac issues! graphic issues, not running at highest settings. game freezes when entering HS on the glowing HS gem. Biggest issue for me is game locking up in "searching for opponent" cue, have to force quit as the wheel keeps spinning FOREVER!

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