Game only runs at 60fps when windowed

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When I've got the game in full screen mode on my Mac Mini 2013, the game runs at what seems like 30fps. Whenever I recieve a Skype notification toast, though, the game momentarily goes up to what feels like 60. It's really smooth and noticeable. Once the toast goes away, the game goes back to 30fps.

So I did an experiment and turned off full screen mode for Hearthstone, and in the window (at the same resolution) it runs a looot faster during battles. Anyone know why this is?
Hello Arky,

You may want to reset the game back to it's default settings over the Launcher and check if that makes any difference. I'm on the same system as you are, and haven't noticed any differences yet. I doubt that you can get over 60 fps on the Mac Mini 2013 with Medium/High Settings.
Thanks for your reply! That didn't seem to fix it. I'm fairly sure I can do 60fps since this game can't be that GPU intensive (and I have 16GB of RAM as well as a quad-core CPU), in addition to the fact that in windowed mode (at the same resolution) it runs at 60.

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