Firewall issues in OS X Mavericks

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I've seen that every time I open Hearthstone when I have my firewall on, it always prompt me to allow or deny the incoming connections of the game.
I don't know exactly if this is an OS issue or a game issue, but it's kinda annoying.
Did you check the Mac tech support forums for this issue?
I have this exact same issue and it's quite a bummer. I've tried re-installing and hearthstone, disabled/enabled firewall, even went ahead and deleted the file /Library/Preferences/ (the firewall settings). I can't seem to get this fixed.

Could you possibly have any recommendations?
Same issue here, just wanted to chime in.
Same issue on my MacBook Air, but my home and work Macs don't do this. Can't quite pinpoint it.
If you're at home, behind a router firewall, there is absolutely no need to enable the Mac Firewall. Never use multiple firewalls, on the Mac it doesn't add any extra security, just makes it harder to use, for example Hearthstone right now.

Just disable it.

Edit: This is an issue by Blizzard, not by OS X.
Ridiculous, there are plenty of reasons to enable the firewall. It should remember exceptions properly.

- Trusting router firmware. Really?
- Coffee shops and public wifi (most mac users have laptops I am guessing)
- Applications that listen on ports for no good reason and may be vulnerable

Firewalls are not optional these days, they are the basics of security, and there is a reason they are on by default in Windows.

Btw this issue is still not fixed in 10.11.4

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