Closed : Your game timed out as it was...

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Closed : Your game timed out as it was requesting data from the Hearthstone utility service. Please relaunch Hearthstone to reconnect.

Each time I launch the game under OS X Mavericks I got this message.

I tried to reinstall but nothing change.

Any advice?
Hello Loo,

Are you launching Hearthstone through the Launcher or simply by the ?
I've got exactly the same problem
Same here. Just started doing this today. Only thing I recall is that the Battle.Net launcher updated itself last night.
mines doing this too...i restarted computer, now i cant connect to
Same, & launching from Hearthstone Beta Launcher.. Servers offline?
After updating to latest BNet, Launching game just hangs
Don't worry, there are currently some issues on Blizzard's side with Hearthstone. All we can do now, is wait for a blue post.
Has this been solved? Still experiencing the same issue.
Happens for me as well.

And I just installed the game a couple of days ago. I was able to play for one evening, now it just doesn't want to connect any more. You can probably guess how annoyed I am about this rubbish.
Did anyone get to reconnect after the problem or are you still waiting? I only read complaints but it would be nice to tell, if it got better. I have the same problem after several hours playing and wonder, if i shall continue the trying or just have to wait....
I think the problem may be with port forwarding or something. I swapped my normal ASUS router over to my Airport express and now it's working perfectly.
Ok, short tale of my solution. Just wait.
It took me about an hour and i could continue just fine.
Same thing is happening to me man. Been doing it for two weeks. Worked perfectly fine before hand. Ridiculous.
Same thing here. Blizzard fix this rubbish please.
First time seeing this, only mavericks users get this or what? I already was getting pissed at mavericks for being so freaking slow compared to mountain lion and the stupid system lags all the time now and then this. Been playing Hearthstone for a few days now after taking a break from the beta months ago and get this error... Annoying.
I, too just got this message. Sadness! Thankful I was playing casual and not ranked!
I just started getting this message this evening, even though it was working a couple of hours ago. As far as I know, nothing new was installed.
I'm getting this same message and I'm using Lion. The game was working for me for the last several days and up until this afternoon. Now I can't stop getting this message.
I am also getting this timeout message. I was playing the game yesterday (for far too many hours) just fine.

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