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Mac Technical Support
I wonder if this problem is going to be even more prominent in the upcoming expansion for WoW blizzard has been getting increasingly lazy with their patching the support has been a steady decline since BC. sad to see them releasing things like they are an alpha stage.
Me too. I can play the US, but I spend MONEY buying cards and got up to level 13, so this makes me pretty upset. and no, I am not a Mavericks User. I will submit ticket.
disconnects continue. shame too... was a fun game, but last 3 of 4 matches affected. causing loss of turns, frustrations, etc
I also have this issue, any help blizzard?
Same issues. These two lines in my ConnectLog.txt seem relevant:

Tue Jul 22 11:46:56 2014 [LOCS] 11010= <------------------------------------- error
... some account stuff that might be private
Tue Jul 22 11:47:02 2014 [GAME] OnClientRequest no BattlePay server found
Tue Jul 22 11:47:03 2014 [GAME] OnClientRequest no BattlePay server found
Tue Jul 22 11:47:32 2014 [GAME] 3005=
Tue Jul 22 11:47:32 2014 [GAME] 3005=
i have the same issue how to solve it ??
Why is this thread closed? It's still an issue. When launching through I get this message every time.
Just happened to me too. Mid battle the game froze. So I quit out and now it won't let me in no matter what. Has anyone had any luck getting past this?

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