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For starters, I am ADDICTED to Hearthstone, even though it's only in Beta! Well done, Bliz! However, I've been experiencing a lot of frustration recently. I actually cleared out time the last few days to be able to sit down and play, but for some reason, I haven't been able to launch the game at all. Either it will say it can't connect/login or the game will open, then promptly say that the connection has timed out.

I understand that this is Beta, so I have periodically been trying to reconnect, but to no avail. Finally, after missing out on Fri night and all day Saturday, this morning (Sunday), I connect! After a couple matches, I log off to run errands. When I try to get back in, it's back to the same old issues of can't connect or instant timeout.

Fortunately, when I try to connect in the afternoon, it works again! However, now I have a new problem...The game works fine and I'm connected, editing decks, registering for arena, etc. However, once I'm in Arena, I nearly lose a match because my interface *freezes and I can't summon minions or cast spells. All I can do is watch as the timer ticks down, then runs out! Fortunately, on the next turn, I am able to interact again and I win the match.

On to Arena match 2 - I lose, no glitches, I just got spanked! =)

On to Arena match 3 - Turn 1, I summon a minion. Turn 2, I try to use hero power and the interface "freezes" again. However, this time, I'm the only thing "frozen." After some time, the "time's almost out" rope begins to burn, then the turn is over. My opponent is then able to summon more minions and cast spells. Next turn, all of my cards are lit up (yay, it's unfrozen!). As soon as I click one, they all freeze again and INSTANTLY the time's almost out rope begins to burn! I can't do anything and my turn is over. Next turn, same story, frozen with an instant "time's almost out" rope burn. Again, the opponent has full control of his cards. Next turn, I manage to get a single minion summoned before my entire interface freezes and another instant rope burn. This happens one or two more turns until the match is over as I've watched myself get beaten to a pulp while I'm unable to put up any defense.

Is this an issue with Macs only? Is this an isolated incident? Is there something wrong with my launcher (I reinstalled in an effort to fix the issue with no improvement)? Is this a known issue and I should avoid anything but practice for the next few days while it gets fixed?

*Interface Freeze - To further explain my issue, my interface is fully functional. I can even see my opponent highlighting cards and casting spells/summoning minions. However, as soon as I click on a card, MY ability to do anything is locked. I can scroll over a card, but none of them are lit up so that I can use them and my summoned minions also can't be selected in an effort to attack.
as i understand the freezing is not only a mac issue, but a current stability issue, i am also experiencing tthis problem, though not really a problem, but something that just needs fixing nonetheless.

the game client and client issues are more aggravating. as i am now unable to play the game at all because of them.

at first the game would not launch out of agent, it would just sit there launching for as long as i willing to watch. after clsoing everything down four or five times the game finally did launch, without any delay, but when i am lucky, asa i don't know what else to call it, enough to get into the game i have been freezing quite a bit.

which now brings me to the latest issue, i tried to re install the agent and the game itself, however the agent, cannot get past 'checking for agent updates' the agent doesn't freeze, but never gets past its initial request, it seems the agent is having trouble either sending or recieving messages from the server, but as this step is required to complete to do anything else, i am currently locked of the game, due its inability to install on my system. currently doing a full virus scan, just in case, but the issue seems restricted to
I've been having stoobias' issue, it frequently freezes at "checking for agent updates..." Sometimes if I let it sit there for who knows how long it'll finally start up, sometimes it just starts up.. luck of the draw it seems.
I left the "checking for agent updates..." message on for a while and now it's actually updating the agent, so maybe this is just how it's supposed to be...
I'm unable to even get started to play arena on my iPad, the box to choose is blacked out and I can't click on to buy help!
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