Arena crash

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Hi Blizzard & Co,

I have been disconnected twice from Arena battle, netting me two losses and subsequently losing me my place in the arena (due to a loss last night).

First time at approx 13:20 CET and then again at approx 13:30 CET.
First time I had other applications running in the background, but on the second time I only had HEARTHSTONE running.
I am using Maveric OS.

Second time i just got into the game, found an opponent, and then got the message that the i timed out.
First time I was winning against an opponent and got the message that I had been timed out due to
disconnect with server.
I am having no problems with internet, so the problem could not have been at my end.

I also won a battle prior to the two time outs, due to my opponent leaving Arena (probably had the same issues as I had).

I am a bit sad to experience this, since I paid for entry to Arena.

Hope you can fix it so I get a free shot at Arena once again.

Apart from all the above, great game you guys have made.

Best regards

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