Fail login 22.02.2014 20:13 GMT+2

Technical Support
fail to login or disconnect
Same here, just played and now can not login on EU.
Same here,just tried to connect without success (Italy).
y boring isent it...
same here, cant login to app.
same here, got booted mid game. sad times
02/22/2014 10:20 AMPosted by Angreal
same here, got booted mid game. sad times

Same as above, plus unable to connect now (PC re-started btw.)

Same here. D3 won't work either.
aaand back
Same : <.
same it is so fustring
same here...
Same - EU servers once again are screwed.

I fail to see how a huge company with such deep pockets can allow their servers to run so erratically. They really need to be held accountable.
and down again, once again mid match >.<
Indeed, Hearthstone servers are dead!
After 10 minutes logging to finally connected, and had to wait another 3-5 minutes in the first screen of the game and it started.
EU works for me now, but had some problems today too.
people try now for me it is working
same.. pffff (GR)


I work all week and am too tired to play. I sit down finally weekend evenings to game and nothing works lol...

Oh well, back to Spelunky I go

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