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happen to me alot of times, when im about to win, it disconnect on me, why is that?

is there any change other player can hack this game. so sad when im bout to win thats when im getting disconnected, and NO its not my net.
I have the same problem, I get most of the way through a match then it disconnects me. I think it's just timing related (not hacking) because if I get through a game quickly I may be able to finish but games where the other player are slow seem to get disconnected before we've done much.
There's been a lot of reports of connection issues, particularly in Arena.

02/22/2014 04:54 AMPosted by Jherelle10
and NO its not my net.

How do you know that? Have you tested it with a moment to moment tester? Hearthstone is extremely sensitive to disconnects. You can have a disconnect of a fraction of a second and lose connection to your game. Unless you are streaming from the web with zero buffer you wouldn't notice that kind of disconnect in normal use.

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