Just got disconnected, again.

Technical Support
You guys really need to fox ur stuff asap, i'm tired of being DC/ed while easy win on board
same here, can't log in atm
Blizzard have had so many issues with their EU servers the last couple of months (not just Hearthstone) I think they might have cut a few too many jobs in order to up their profits.

(Yes I just got dc'ed as well),
Yeah getting crazy. Just got my third dc with an insane deck and now got my third loss with that also. Forced to take a break.
Same here
hope their lifes get shortend by 1 day for every penny they saved on the server hardware in order to get mr morhaime even bigger checks at the end of the day. he once was one of us but now he and the company he runs only stands for big moneys as fast as possible and do not absolutely ever care about their customers. it is a pain to see them destroy themselves from within but probably that's life...
can't log in, still
Got dc'ed and can't log back in. At least I was losing.
Same here first time I build a decent deck in a couple of arena runs, first game im doing good and then DC'd and can't log back in. No doubt it will register as a loss.

Why is there no disconnect protect for hearthstone?? Surely it is a must when we pay to play arena.

Fair enough the game is open beta but how was something like a "disconnect protect" overlooked in the early stages of the game?
same here :(
same here got disconnected 15 min ago and can't log in.
I guess we just need to wait cause the server is down.
Same problem. Can't log in. I'm on EU servers.
got DC'd, although it is showing 1 win.. weird
cant login on Eu server
Well, looks like they are aware of it, https://twitter.com/BlizzardCSEU_EN

We still need more communication over here, i'm not a twitter/fb user.
Ye same thing, fix it please, I disconnected during my online game then it is stuck on opening screen, when i finally logged back again it disconnected again and crashed battle.net client, now battle.net client stacks on login screen. And I wanted to buy 10 packs of cards, I guess its insanely bad idea during beta.
4th dc in 15min .. lucky for me only 2 in games and both was sure losses .. guess i have to watch tv tonight instead
2-3 DC's every 1 hour of game..It costs me arena losses.Seriously this game is broken...fix it
I just !@#$ing got a loss during arena match because those epic fail connections PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

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