Game Crashed twice in arena search.

Technical Support
Twice in a row that is....I've afraid to even attempt a third time in case it crashes in game. BTW I was just playing fine 20 minutes ago and took my dog out so shut the game off left computer on came back and it did this twice in a row nothing on the computer changed.
I'm experiencing the same issue.
Same thing just happened to me, I tried it a third time and got a crash report. I'm gonna send the report to blizzard just in case they want to read it.
Yep... Same here. Crashes during the search for opponent.
Same here, And I got a loss during arena match that I had won ... PFFFF
Same issue, posted a thread on it as well. Crashed on my while searching for a player under PLAY, and now when I load up the game is says CLOSED. My cousin is still in a game though against another player.

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