Game won't launch past opening screen.

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Hi, I'm getting a problem were when I open HearthStone it will only go to the kinda gates opening screen, then it just freezes. It hasn't happened to me before and i have been playing since closed beta, and i have done nothing ever since.
You can probably just fix it by reinstalling it, but I would just like to report the issue anyway.
Did reinstall fix it for you?
Same problem for me. No one ever bothered to solve or help me. I tried reinstalling it and redownloading it, still nothing happened.
same here the "gates" in the begining wont open :D
I had this problem a few times. It stopped when I shut down Steam from the task tray. Apparently they don't play well together, try it and let us know if it works for you.
nope i stopped Steam and try to launch it but again the gates wont open
got the same problem
Me too, was playing fine earlier and now just sits at the loading screen.
I have the same problem and have also been playing earlier..
I think it is the new patch
same here plz fix
Its because the EU servers are down, they have noticed the problem and are working on it, hope the servers will be up soon.
Thanks for the info :)
Same problem. Can't log into WoW either
Still hasn't been fixed, can't get past the "doors" screen.
same prob
sigh still waiting for a fix myself
same problem pls fix
Same issue, reinstalling did not work. Still can't get in, was working less than 12 hours ago.

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