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Well, I wouldn't mind letting it slide ONCE in a while... but i've already lost connection during Arena play SEVERAL times, each time costing me an Arena loss.

I'm sure i'm not the first to encounter this problem (and it's across multiple PCs, so i'm sure it's not a personal issue), so I was wondering if there is any sort of precodure or precedence for a reimbursment for lost Arena matches due to server crashes\bugs?

thank you.

i'd like some reply from Blizzard (yeah, here's to THAT) before I start mailing them. Hopefuly I won't have to.
I'm fairly sure they won't offer reimbursement just for the fact its a beta client, you agree to the terms when you sign up for it. It would be a good idea for when the game goes live for them to setup something like a free arena or something but as you might imagine it could be exploited. It's also hard to reimburse a single loss for a 3 loss system, a whole reimbursement for a crash that doesn't ruin your entire arena is a little off.
read the t&c
and dont waist your time writing to blizzard

all i can say for myself is apart from a connection issue in december when i lost 2 games in arena
i have not had a disconnection since (arena or constructed)
which leads me to think it really is at the players end more often than not.
No refunds. You agreed to this when you installed Hearthstone Beta.

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