Hearthstone on Chromebook (How to)

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for me it says

when i click it turns off
Whenever I try to do open the hearthstone setup.exe file. A blank white scree pops up and nothing happens. I tried just waiting and seeing what would happen but after about 1 hour the program crashed. Please help.
how can i add heartstone on chromebook??
This still work does anyone know?
There is only one problem with this. for the people who have installed ubuntu onto their Chromebooks, you have made a big mistake assuming that you have a warranty on it. You see, activating dev mode, which is part of the process in downloading ubuntu, completely disables your warranty, as its against terms and services of most suppliers. So i must apologize to all of you out there who listened to this, as you may have just lost your warranty on the device due to the idiot who told you this. As for the idiot who is probably reading this, as you are not informed nor educated in this, to next time do more research before you give non-profiting information to the ones who are truly looking for someone who knows what they are doing.
Back to those who listened to this post, i am not sure of any ways to play hearthstone on a Chromebook without losing the warranty, but if i find something i will be sure to make a post on this site that will truly help those here.

I would like to buy a HP Chromebook 13 G1.
Intel Core m3-6Y30
eMMC 32 GB
Intel HD Graphics 515

With the last stable updates released that include PlayStore on Chrome OS, I will be able to play HS?

Someone have that PC or similar?

Thank you and best regards

Hey guys! I received a chromebook tablet for valentine's day.

I thought it was a great gift, since i could play hearthstone with bigger screen than my phone basically.

I got mad when it said i cannot download the app for this device on the tablet.

But i sure made clear i will play the game no matter what.

So, I found a way to actually play it, first off download the Amazon App store application, and just download the hearthstone from there, works. LMAO

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